There is no accounting for taste, but it's pretty clear when someone has a very different (or very similar) taste from you. And, this difference or similarity stays relatively consistent and predictable, which means that it can be measured. Once you take a survey here, it will tell you how similar or different you are from everyone else who took the survey. If your friends have also taken the same survey, you would be able to compare yourself with them one-to-one by entering their user names.

There are practical ways to use this. Suppose you need a logo designed by someone, or you need your house decorated by an interior designer; if your taste is very different from that of your designer, it's not a good thing. Since it is not possible to scientifically prove someone's taste to be superior, you could go on arguing forever with your designer about what's good and bad. You would be much better off finding someone who has a similar taste to yours. Having a good taste does not automatically make you a good designer. You need skills to apply your taste to practical things. That's where the professionals come in. Ideally, what you want is a designer who shares your taste who also has the skills to bring your taste to reality. In this sense, it's helpful to see how similar or different your taste is to that of your designer.

We plan to add more surveys in the near future. If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism, and complaints, please contact